TruDesign Featured: Home & Garden Magazine

Very few words are as freighted with drudgery as “cubicle”—that boxy workstation that’s come to symbolize dreary offices and faceless corporations.

“Back in the day, we had cubicles and shades of gray. Offices were really impersonal spaces, really sterile,” says Lindi Bolinger, interior designer and co-owner of TruDesign in Lafayette. But in the 21st century, bland and homogeneous no longer suffice. Instead, welcoming, customizable, homier office design has become an unspoken benefit that employees cherish—and often expect.

“It’s about keeping employees around longer,” says Terri Davidson, who handles sales and design for Boulder’s BC Interiors, which specializes in workplace design and furnishings. “These days, lots of people are at work more than they’re at home, so if they’re going to be there, they want a homey atmosphere where they can relax and even have fun.”

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