St. Andrews

This client sought a cozier family room, privacy in the master bath, and a brighter master bedroom. Having lived all over the world, she and her family were ready to make their house feel like home.
In the family room, we built a wall with a pair of over-sized French doors leading in. This allowed us to re-orient the room and create different areas for TV watching and reading. From the rich tones pulled from the client’s art and the mix of texture and pattern, we created an inviting and warm living space.
The bathroom lacked the privacy provided by a clear separation of master bedroom and master bath. We built a wall with a pocket door – allowing easy access, but privacy when needed. Then we re-faced the entire room with tile, countertops, and paint. By replacing the old bulky built-tub with a chic stand-alone we were able to curate the relaxing respite our client craved.