Spring Is Coming – Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready?

With the late winter we’ve experienced in Colorado, it’s safe to say that most of us are counting down the days to warmer weather. With beautiful, warm, sunny days just around the corner, it’s time for us to start thinking about our outdoor living spaces. With mild to hot temperatures starting in April and running […]

Accessorizing: Why It Doesn’t Just Apply To Your Outfit

Accessorizing your home is easily as essential as accessorizing your outfit; it ties all the pieces together to achieve a beautifully seamless and put-together end result. When most of us contemplate adding final touches to our homes, our minds instantly flash through every “decorate your home” idea we’ve ever pinned but never did a thing […]

12 Reasons to Work for Creative Genius

  It’s Never Boring When creative people put on their thinking caps it becomes effortless for them to focus in on the task at hand and impossible for them to multitask which is precisely why the end result is perfection. Don’t get me wrong, these few may likely be able to multitask in their day […]

Tips for a Day in the Life of an Interior Design Studio Manager

What NOT to wear It’s tricky. I work for the two classiest designers in the world so there’s some pressure to look my best because, I promise you, they always do. My job is the perfect balance of glam meets waste management. I must look good for my public but be able to break down […]

TruDesign Featured: Home & Garden Magazine

Very few words are as freighted with drudgery as “cubicle”—that boxy workstation that’s come to symbolize dreary offices and faceless corporations. “Back in the day, we had cubicles and shades of gray. Offices were really impersonal spaces, really sterile,” says Lindi Bolinger, interior designer and co-owner of TruDesign in Lafayette. But in the 21st century, […]