Setting the Table Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

Setting the table doesn’t have to be a chore. At TruDesign, we believe that place settings can be a wonderful and inviting statement for your guests this Thanksgiving. While there is a particular art and science behind this endeavor, we’ve got you covered. We’re not talking the mundane details, like which fork goes where, we’re talking design. So, what are the essentials for the perfect place setting?

1. Centerpiece
Every table set for an event needs a centerpiece that commands attention, but not so much that you leave little room for the actual place settings. When we think dining table centerpiece, we think floral. Fresh flowers aren’t a necessity, either. If you want a stunning centerpiece without the mess and care, faux flowers- when done right, make a great alternative. (See below)

2. Chargers
Chargers an effective way to elevate your setting. Chargers bring a sense of elegance to the table, and are convenient for keeping your table decorative between courses. The charger should be the boldest of the plates chosen, and should enhance the overall color and feel of the table. When you’re out shopping, mix and match chargers and plates to find what works best for you- the pre-arranged sets aren’t always best.

3. Decorative Plates
The plates that will lay on top of the charger should feel simple when compared to your charger. Go for less solid whites here and play with patterns. Look for colors that complement each other rather than keeping the same color throughout.

4. Linens
Linens are often absent from the dinner table; however, they function as more than just a napkin. When matched to your place setting, they can be the last subtle touch that pulls everything together.

5. Wine Glass
When selecting wine glasses, think outside of the box. Smoked wine glasses help make your table settings pop, so that every piece functions as a design staple.

Grab your essentials and send us a photo of your setting! We would love to see what you’ve put together. And of course, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!