12 Reasons to Work for Creative Genius


  1. It’s Never Boring

When creative people put on their thinking caps it becomes effortless for them to focus in on the task at hand and impossible for them to multitask which is precisely why the end result is perfection. Don’t get me wrong, these few may likely be able to multitask in their day to day, mundane jobs, but when it comes to what they love, they lock in like a pit bull, jaws clenched, unstoppable. That’s where I come in with questions like, “Will you be wearing those slippers for this meeting with your client?” and “Have you made an appointment to get those nails done?” When they finally come up for air I hear comments like, and I quote, “I gotta pee and put on some lipstick”.


  1. The Carefree Element

Creativity is fun and people who create beautiful things to put food on the table are the happiest people alive. I mean, there are certainly the Van Goghs, “where discourses on madness and creativity converge”, but you can trust me when I say my brilliant designers are carefree most of the time, at least during the creative process. It’s the grind they dread, which is where I come in. I eliminate the grind as much as possible. Keeping track of the clock and their food intake for instance. One of my favorite quotes by them is “We’re not saving lives here.” There are times when I beg to differ. I’ve been in home where the truth is get a designer in here quick, ‘cause damn


  1. They Get What They Want

Ingenuity requires a standard. For these two astute designers, that means raising the bar on the industry. They give their best and expect nothing less from those who also serve their clients. They are absolutely willing to help others help them but in the end, it has to be right. That’s the nature of true design, getting it right, delivering the best of the best. They’re demand for excellence starts with their expectations of themselves and trickles down to everyone on team bravo. These professionals get what they want so you also get what you want. I don’t know anyone, anywhere that wouldn’t want to work for that person.


  1. They listen to great music.

I know because I’m their DJ.


  1. They’re Generous

Because they’re artsy and heartfelt and easily moved to compassion.


  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

True creative genius will not be told they can’t, because there’s always a way. They demand and offer respect. I dig that.


  1. Quality in Everything

No skimping here, no half-assing it if you will. What’s done through the mind of creative genius can only be measured in the outcome. There will be no “we sure tried hard” or “boy, we came really close” here. There will only be “we made it happen” or “we have to make it happen next time”.


  1. Great Taste

Let’s face it, there’s no accounting for taste and when you’re in the business of working with all different types of taste, you must be both intuitive and forthcoming in order to guide and please your client. TruDesign = Client Satisfaction


  1. They “Get It”

Common sense and open minds, now that’s a tall order but it’s on the menu at TruDesign. What a relief to know that practical sensibility takes over just at the right time. Open minds, fresh ideas.


  1. Time to Cut Loose

If you’ve ever attended one of our holiday parties you know that when genius meets festive, it’s ON! If you haven’t attended one of our holiday parties, be sure and watch for the date of this year’s brilliantly planned hoopla!


  1. Wit

Creative geniuses have a propensity for the quick, relative hilarity. In our case, if they weren’t such great designers I’d be sure they missed their calling to do stand up. When you work for creative genius always wear loose clothing so you don’t pop a button during a belly laugh.


  1. They’re Good Listeners

Mostly because they’re hoping you’ll say something from which they can learn, the wheels are always spinning. They want a take-away. A creative genius is driven, motivated, generous, carefree, fun and they will listen so they can put a nugget in their pocket for the next creation. In the end, everyone benefits. Bravo.